How to setup email forwarding in cPanel

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An email forwarder allows you to send a copy of all email from one address to another. This is handy when you have multiple addresses, but only want to have to check one of them. The article describes how to set forwarding for cPanel email service. 

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel using the cPanel style paper_lantern, and are starting on the home screen.

1. Log into your cPanel, navigate to Email section > Forwarders

2. To create new forwarding rule, click on Add Forwarder

adauga forward

3. Fill out the fields and when ready click on Add Forwarder

NOTE: You can forward emails sent to non-existent mailbox without having to create the mailbox itself. 

If you would like to set up catch-all, you can use Default Address menu: 

The default email address will 'catch' any mail that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain. 

So if you would like all email sent to to be forwarded to existing mailbox, the forwarder should look as follows: 

That's it!

You can find below the video version of this tutorial.

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