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In this article we showed you how to generate a CSR and how to issue the certificate based on the generated CSR. Now is the time to install the SSL certificate into the cPanel hosting account. To complete this process, we will need the certificate code that we downloaded from the email or client account, and the key (KEY) that was generated when the CSR was issued.

This tutorial assumes that you have already connected to cPanel using the cPanel paper_lantern theme and start from the home screen.

1. Click the icon SSL/TLS.

2. Go to the option Manage SSL sites.

3. Scroll the page until you reach the section Install an SSL Website.

4. Complete as follows:

  • Domain: choose the domain for which you want to install the certificate.
  • Certificate: (CRT):  enter the certificate code that you downloaded from the email or from your Ghesi client account.
  • Private Key (KEY): enter the key (KEY) you received when you generated the CSR.
  • Click on Install Certificate

If you've done everything detailed in these articles, you should receive a confirmation message that the SSL certificate has been installed.

That's it, the certificate has been installed and is working.

Now all you have to do is set up your site to use the https protocol instead of http.

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