Configure a SSL certificate

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In this article, we'll show you how to set up a ssl certificate that you bought from Ghesi.

1From the client account, go to Services > My Services, click the SSL certificate service and click the Configure button.

2 In step 1 of the configuration process, fill in as follows:

  • Web server type: Choose cPanel / WHM if you are installing it on a cPanel account or set the type of web server you are using where you want to install the certificate.
  • CSR: Enter the CSR code generated for the certificate.
  • Administrative Contact Information: These should be populated with data from your client account.

3. In step 2 of the setup process we will choose an email address to use when confirming the certificate. It is important that the email address you select exists.

4. In step 3, you will receive a confirmation that the certificate configuration is complete and you will receive an email at the address you selected in the previous step to confirm the certificate.

Now you will need to receive an email in the maximum of 1 hour with the subject "[Action Required]: Approve Certificate Request for..." where you need to click or copy the email link in the browser to approve the certificate. The approval page looks like the one below.

Once you have approved the certificate, you will receive it by email or download it from the customer account under Services > My Services > Click Certificate Service > Take Certificate.

Now that you have the certificate you will have to install it in cPanel, see here how to do it.

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