Generate CSR for SSL certificate

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In this article we will show you how to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) required to install an SSL certificate.

This tutorial assumes that you have already connected to cPanel using the cPanel paper_lantern theme and start from the home screen.

1. Click the SSL / TLS icon

2. Go to Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.

3. The next step is to generate the CSR for your site. Locate the section Generate a New Certificate and fill in as follows:

  • Key: leave preselected on Generate a new 2,048 bit key
  • Domains: if you want to install the certificate for domain fill in only, it will also work on If you want to install the certificate for a subdomain enter the name of the subdomain, for example:
  • City: your town
  • State: your county
  • Country: your country
  • Company: enter your business name or full name if you are a privat
  • Company Division: the name of the site or the sector in which site is activating, if you have an online store you can enter online shop
  • Email: your email that will be used to register the SSL certificate
  • Passphrase: enter a password
  • Description: you can pass notes if you have more than one certificate generated to make it easier to distinguish

4. Click the button Generate

Once you have generated the certificate signing request (CSR), you will be informed about it and you need to write / save the information provided, because you will need them in the next steps to complete the SSL certificate generation. You will now need the contents of the Encoded Certificate Signing Request (CSR) section that you will use when you enable the domain SSL certificate and the key (KEY) you will use when installing the certificate in cPanel.

Now that you have the generated the CSR, you need to configure the certificate where you bought it. In case that you bought the SSL certificate from Ghesi, see this tutorial how to activate it.

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