How do I create an email account in cPanel?

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To create email account in cPanel hosting is just as easy as 123, here is the tutorial for create email account in cPanel.
This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel using the cPanel style paper_lantern, and starting on the home screen.

Click the Email Accounts icon.

On the next page we will select the Add Email Account tab and we will find a small form to fill in as follows:

Email: enter the name for the email address
Domain: select the domain for witch do you want to create the email address
Passwordenter the unique password for email access.
Mailbox Quotayou can select the size of the mailbox. It is recommended that you check unlimited box for the email address space to be limited by the size of your hosting account. If you want to create a fixed-space email address, enter the desired value.

If you ticked "Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions", you will receive all the configuration data for your PC programs in the new email. To complete the creation of the email address, click on the Create Account button.

You can find below the video version of this tutorial.

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