What is a Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

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All the domains registered through Ghesi are generally allowed a grace period of up to 0-90 days after the domain name expires to renew the domain name for standard rates. There is no guarantee for this time period, this time is controlled by our domain registrar of choice.

If your domain name has expired, it may still be possible to renew it. Once a domain name has reached its expiry date, it will enter a Grace Period. Domains can be renewed within this period. At the end of the Grace Period, domains not renewed enter a period called Redemption Grace Period (RGP). This is a 0 to 70 days period that begins after a Registrar requests that a Registry deletes a domain. Domains can still be renewed within RGP but in addition to any applicable registration or renewal fees for the domain, the RGP fee charged by us is up to $220 to renew the domain.

Once RGP status has been reached, the registrar may keep the domain name for up to 90 additional days or offer the domain for auction.  The domain registrar may at any time for up to a period of 1 year hold the rights to your domain and at the same time may delete the domain name and turn it back to Public Domain in which case anyone can register the domain name again.

If your domain name has been flagged with "pending delete", the domain name can not be renewed and you must wait for the domain name to enter the public registry before being able to purchase your domain again.

Why is the redemption fee so high?

We cannot but agree with you that the redemption fee is quite high. It is set by our upstream Registrar and Domain Registry, that is why we are unable to waive it. 

We highly recommend you to take all possible precautions to avoid domain expiration and its falling into the redemption phase. 

In case your domain is already in the Redemption Period, and you do not wish to pay the fee, you may wait until the domain is released by the Registry (normally, domains are released 80-85 days after the expiration) or back-order the domain using a back-ordering service.

NOTE: The renewal, redemption, and restoration processes of Country Code Domain Registries vary and are subject to each respective Registry’s policies and procedures.

Renewal Grace Period of Domains

TLD Grace Period in days Redemption Grace Period in days (RGP)

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