How to create an addon domain in cPanel?

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Depending on the type of web hosting plan you’ve signed up for, you can host multiple websites. The Addon Domains feature in your cPanel account enables you to link (or redirect) a new domain name to a subdirectory on your website.

The addon or additional domain term refers to the fact that you can host multiple domains in a single hosting account, each addon domain can have its own content, email address, or database set. Addon domains use the same resources as the primary domain. The more addon domains you have in a hosting account, the consumption of processing resources can grow exponentially.

To add an addon domain, you must log in to cPanel and access the Addon Domains option

On the next page we will have a small form that we need to complete with the domain name. Fill out the form for the new domain as follows:

New Domain Name: the domain name you want to add.
Subdomain: leave the name that is generated automatically.
Document Root: is the FTP address where the domain will be created. If left as in the image below, the domain folder will be created in the root of the ftp account. If you pass public_html/,  the domain will be created in the folder in public_html

If we select the Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain option, we will be able to create a ftp account for this domain only. Where FTP Username will be the user who will access the ftp. When you connect to ftp for this domain with the chosen ftp user you will need to enter it all time as and not just the user.

After completing the domain data form, click Add Domain. In case you do not get an error creating your domain, the domain has been successfully added.

Now that you added the domain, you have to point it to the host by modifying the nameserver. You make this change at the company through which you registered the domain. The Ghesi nameserver names used for web hosting and reseller hosting are:


You can find below the video version of this tutorial.

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