How to add Addon domain in cPanel

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Addon domains means you can host multiple domain in one single hosting account, each domain can have it’s own set of content, email accounts etc., while sharing the resources allocated for the hosting account. These are not subdomains but full domains IE They show up as subdomains of your main account for your own organizational purposes only.

Login to your cPanel account and select 'Addon Domains' under the 'Domains' menu.

Complete the form as follows:

New Domain Name: the domain you wish to add
Subdomain/FTP Username: Whatever you put in the this field will be the folder that is created under your primary account. It will also be the default username for mail and FTP.
Password: your password

The change in nameservers may take up to 48 hours.

If you have added as addon domain so DocumentRoot for addon domain will be publi_html/

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